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Love Quotes, even if they are just one love liners however sometimes they convey such a deep meaning that one is felt deeply touched, impressed and respected at times. Quotes and love sayings are just a way of expressing the thoughts on certain subject.

Poems as it has been rightly said that they are true reflection of your heart. It is the way of expressing your feelings towards some one / something. Love Poems can be for anything and any age group. A child is taught the poem first even before the primary education because the child likes to say something is the poetic way. Poetry has been used by lovers to impress their beloved time and again. Poems may be rhyme or otherwise, what is important that it conveys the feeling of the heart and soul. In this site you will find the love poems in various categories like love poems for experiencing the true love through words and also to understand how beautiful it is to fall in love, friendship poems to see how deep and trustworthy that relationship can be, romantic poems to feel how caring you can be for your beloved, motivational poems to bring that positive attitude for life and to know how to achieve that extra mile in life, funny poems to bring that broad smile on your face, Christmas poems to feel the festive mood and bonding with your family, famous poems and free poems also. Looking for a friend in UK? Try UK Dating .

Cute quotes are such a wonder in this world that it can make someone smile, make someone fall in love with you; make someone respect your feelings. Cute quotations can be used for anyone not necessarily for you loved ones however; they are for all the persons who are your loved ones and close to your heart. Cute love quotes may be naughty, funny, humorous, jolly one liner but they will always bring a broad smile. One thing is for sure that cute quotations when used properly and wisely can suit any of the moods and change the whole situation. More Cute Love Quotes

The word itself fill the heart with love romance, with purity of love towards your partner, with the broad smile when you think about someone who is everything for you. When one reads love quotations it just reminds you of some one very special and someone who is very close to heart. When you send cute quotes and sayings to your beloved or fiancé or your spouse, he or she feels on top of world on seventh heaven because love quotes just convey what one wants to tell his or her partner. When heart longs to be filled with joy by your lover's smile, when heart longs to be warmed by holding someone in your arms, when hearts long to see the love grow then one thing which comes to rescue is love quotations or love sayings.

Romantic quotes, the word itself creates shivers, a sense of falling in love, a feeling of being close to some one's heart. That’s the power of romantic quotations. Although it might just be one liner or a small statement however, it conveys everything and tells the other person what you think of him or her. It is believed that romance should never die even if everything dies. The flame of love blossoms by presence of love romance in relationship. Love Romantic flicks are always a huge success and become immortal for times to come. It was the immortal romance of Romeo and Juliet which has come a long way and is till remembered today. It may be a teenage romance or courtship period romance, romantic love quotations always comes to your rescue to take that thin thread of strongest relationship forward. Read Romantic Quotes

Friendship is the essence of life. Its above all the relationships in the priority list. You feel on top the world with all your nice friends around. But mind it, its very difficult to have great friends who stand besides you for rest of your life. One of the most sensitive and strongest relationships is friendship quotations and sayings. Because of this delicate nature, one has to keep that flame of love friendship burning. Now question is how do you do it? One way is to express all your feelings to your friends which have to be true love. Friendship quotes are the best remedy of that. True friendship is when you can pour your heart into them and making your self at ease. Friend is genuine person and has a pure heart. One interesting thing to note is that a true love friend knows you better than you know yourself. Read Friendship Quotes

Every person in the lifetime has his or her highs and lows. At the time of highs every one will be around you to pat you up, to congratulate you. However, when it is the time of the lows what comes for the rescue. In this case person needs some motivation so that he or she does not lose the heart and goes in for another big effort. Now how to motivate the disheartened person? Obvious one of the most effective ways is motivational and love quotes. They create that strong wave of doing something, that burning desire to achieve the goal, teach how to survive the failures in life. There have been great motivational speakers in past and surely there will be many. But every one may not have these motivational speakers at their disposal so motivation quotations are ready reference for everything.  Persons who rise in life are very balanced persons and motivated towards their goals. To be passionate about anything in life you got to believe it and be motivated. Sometimes we need to ignore minor shortcomings and highlight good things in order to motivate other person. More Motivational Quotes