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A Man Is A Luxury


A Man Is A Luxury
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A Man Is A Luxury

I do not need
A _ _ _ _ing man
I’ll get one later
If I can.

I do not need
A man at all
I do not need one,
Short or tall.

Not in a house,
Not in a van,
I do not need
A _ _ _ _ing man.

Not on the couch
Not in my bed
I’d rather sleep
Alone instead

I do not need
A _ _ _ _ing man
I tried it once ~
He turned and ran

I do not need
One here or there
I do not need
One anywhere

I do not need
A_ _ _ _ing man
There must be
A better plan

Not one at work
Not one at play
I do not need one
Night or day

I’ve said it once
I’ve said it twice
A world without them
Could be nice

Black men, white men,
Men in blue
I am through with
All of you

Even though they
Make me drool
I’m not a fan of
The dating pool

I would not could not
Be a fool
Even for the
Biggest tool

Now thanks to
My new vibrator
You _ _ _ _ing man
I’ll see you later

I’ll try my hardest
Not to care
Even if he stands
There bare!!

I do not need
A _ _ _ _ing man
That is where my
Plight began

Nancy Ness

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