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Christmas poems

Christmas Poems can be sent over to the dear ones on the most special occasion of the year which is the Christmas. They can also be recited to the kids in the school as well sent to the dear ones who keep importance in your life. These can also be written on the cards and can be sent though mails. Here we have a wide collection of such poems which depict every mood from the liveliest to the most serious.

Since Christmas is a day on which we pray to God to shower blessings on the people, so the poems also contain wishes for people that they be blessed by god in all their endeavors and that they live a life of prosperity. The poems also include wishes for happiness to prevail in the families of the people to whom they are sent.

Here are some of the Christmas Poems :

Christmas is here Poem Auld Lang Syne A Christmas Carol poem A Christmas Carol
The Christ-child lay on Mary's lap Ceremonies for Christmas 'Twas The Night Before Christmas In the Holy Nativity of our Lord
Christmas Past Mistletoe a Christmas The Real Meaning of Christmas On the Morning Of Christ's Nativity Christmas
Christmas is a time for love and fun Poem Christ's Nativity New Prince, New Pomp The Night Before Christmas
Some Children See Him Baby's First Christmas Santa Claus is coming Poem Ring out, wild bells
Christmas Bells The Burning Babe Marmion Christmas Poetry Christmas Long Ago
The Foolish Fir-Tree Minstrels a Christmas The Christmas Thing Christmas Cheer
At Christmas Time Nativity a Christmas Poem The Oxen The Three Kings
Candlelit Heart Christmas Trees When He Died