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Famous poems

“Famous” means celebrated, widely known or esteemed. There may be famous actors, famous musicians, famous scientists, esteemed places, and last but not the least famous poems. Famous poems are the most celebrated poems, world wide. These poems have affected or can affect somebody’s life in some way or the other.

An Entrapment, What I Love About You, Never Have I Fallen, The Person I Long To Be, are some of the most famous poems of the global literature in English.

Some of the famous poems are :

Deaths And Entrances Auld Lang Syne I'm alive, I believe in everything The Summer Day
Coronach Concord Hymn A Memorial Poem For Rembrandt The Road Not Taken
Cloony The Clown The Poor Ghost I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud An Entrapment
I Cannot Live With You A Red, Red Rose The Person I Long To Be The Lady of the Lake
If You Have Seen Leisure The Charge of the Light Brigade Never Have I Fallen
Handstand Funeral Blues Because I could not stop for Death Affliction
Annabel Lee