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The Lion


The Lion
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The Lion

Please listen one, and listen all
To epic tale, as I recall
To weak of heart, I bid adieu
For now commence, my ode to you.

When I was six, or maybe younger
Down deep inside, I felt a hunger
To see the world, to set my sail
As to my quest, I would not fail.

I planned escape for dawn's first light
For still afraid the dark of night
With stealth I crept by parent's door
I jumped in fear, 'twas just Dad's snore.

On down the hall to living room
I did not know what terrors loom
I crouched in fear, TICK TOCK TICK TOCK
I sighed relief, just mantle's clock.

Then in search of bread and jelly
I could not leave on empty belly
O' would it cease, this hunger stop?
I could not reach the countertop.

My plan awry, I forged ahead
No turning back, once left my bed
With firm resolve, I left the house
As quiet as a frightened mouse.

Across the lawn, to fence out back
Prepared to face, unknown attack
What evils lurked? I must beware
Behind the shed, in jungle there.

Amidst the leaves, I heard a sound
It was a lion! My heart did pound
With razor teeth, and claws of steel
A certain death, what pain I'd feel.

What could I do? I had no gun
My only course, turn tail and run
Back in the house and down the hall
With panting breath, on bed did fall.

Then down the hall, I heard a door
Was Mom and Dad, they slept no more
I heard Mom say, "Now what was that? "
"Oh, back door's open, it's just the cat. "

My ode is over, and I must go
My tale of danger, my tale of woe
It is finished, the lesson heed
To all of you, goodbye, Godspeed.

Tim Chambers

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