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Wet And Wild


Wet And Wild
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Wet And Wild

I left the city a while back now and came to the mountain top,
I parked me combie in the main street, and said, "Yeah, this is where I'll stop".

I'll be seventy-five next birthday, a woman who dives into life,
I missed the hazy hippy years, I think I was someone's wife.

I've changed the way I wear me clothes, no granny prints for me,
A sarong and sandals will do me fine, and dreadlocks wild and free.

I've dispensed with wearin' undies 'cause I want to explore meself,
I burnt the bra long ago and put me bloomers on the shelf.

So, I came up to this magical place to practice me feminine wiles,
I'll not dwell on the years gone past or the fact that I've got piles.

So I sat in a sidewalk café sipping on herbal tea,
I saw him comin' a long way off and shook me dreadlocks free.

I drew the sarong up above me knees, I know he saw me fringe,
'Cause he sat right down in front of me, and said, "My spiritual name is Quinge",

I said, "I'm a mountain woman. Are you a mountain man?",
A grin split his face from ear to ear and we began to make a plan.

He said, "I think you're very sexy", and me fringe began to flutter,
"So when shall we get down to it?" was all that I could utter.

"With or without sugar?", he stirred his tea and asked of me,
"With or without teeth?" I said, my thoughts advanced, you see.

He seemed shocked at my direct reply but I call a spade a spade,
"If you intend to play around with me you'd better sharpen ya blade."

So Quinge and me got on with it, I taught him a trick or two,
Over fifty don't mean a thing, I know just what to do,

Wisdom and experience, no games and no bullshit
Is what the years have taught to me and now I'm full of it.

Yeah, I'm just a mountain woman who has a lot of life to live,
I'm just a mountain woman with a lotta love to give.

Gay Liddington

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