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When Visiting The Family


When Visiting The Family
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When Visiting The Family

Be real nice and sit up tall,
eat your dinner- and I mean eat it all.
Be polite when at another's home,
smile and laugh, never groan.

Let Grandma pinch your face quite a bit,
pretend to be calm instead of throwing a fit.
Don't tell about Mommy's crazy mood
or the day that Daddy walked around nude.

Take off your shoes when in their house,
never, ever show them your pet mouse.
Don't spit out food that tastes real bad,
say "It's great!" and they'll be glad.

Never insult the way cousin Annie talks,
or ask why Great-Uncle David don't walk.
Keep your mouth shut, don't ask for cake,
when it's fruit pie that Grandma decided to make.

Overall just don't speak at all please.
In fact why not go play with the dogs on your knees.
Till Daddy says " Four beers is enough" and you part,
hold in tight that escaping fart.

Visiting family is never a joy,
For an eager, learning six year old boy!

Chloe Arbetin

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