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Decisions quotes and quotations

The roads we take are more important than the goals we announce. Decisions determine destiny.
Frederick Speakman

Give no decision till both sides thou'st heard.

We have a choice: to plow new ground or let the weeds grow.
Jonathan Westover

It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do.
Elbert Hubbard

When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision.
Lord Falkland

I hate to see things done by halves. If it be right, do it boldly,--if it be wrong leave it undone.
Bernard Gilpin

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.
John Dewey

Decisions are the endless uncertainties of life that we'll not know if theyre right until the very end, so do the best you can and hope its right.
Lily Collins

Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.
Anthony Robbins

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

No answer is also an answer.
German Proverb

Guess if you can, choose if you dare.
Pierre Corneille

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.
George Eliot

A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.
Chinese Proverb

I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.
Laurence J. Peter

It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
J. K. Rowling

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.
Robert Fritz

A weak man has doubts before a decision; a strong man has them afterwards.
Karl Kraus

A decision is what a man makes when he can't find anybody to serve on a committee.
Fletcher Knebel

The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong.
Thomas Carlyle

The more alternatives, the more difficult the choice.
Abbe' D'Allanival

Every decision is liberating, even if it leads to disaster. Otherwise, why do so many people walk upright and with open eyes into their misfortune?
Elias Canetti

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.
Ben Stein

All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last.
Marcel Proust

An executive is a person who always decides; sometimes he decides correctly, but he always decides.
John H. Patterson

We must give lengthy deliberation to what has to be decided once and for all.
Publilius Syrus

The refusal to choose is a form of choice; disbelief is a form of belief.
Frank Barron

A decision made at night may be changed in the morning.
Samoan Proverb

Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.
Napoleon Bonaparte

A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one.
Rita Mae Brown

A weak man has doubts before a decision, a strong man has them afterwards.
Karl Kraus