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England quotes and quotations

He was born an Englishman and remained one for years.
Brendan Behan

Providence has given to the French the empire of the land, to the English that of the sea, to the Germans that of--the air!
Thomas Carlyle

They [the English] amuse themselves sadly as in the custom of their country.
Hon. Sir George Eulas Foster

England with all thy faults, I love thee still-- My country! and, while yet a nook is left Where English minds and manners may be found, Shall be constrained to love thee.
William Cowper

Be England what she will, With all her faults, she is my country still.
Charles Churchill

Men of England! who inherit Rights that cost your sires their blood.
Thomas Campbell

'Tis a glorious charter, deny it who can, That's breathed in the words, "I'm an Englishman."
Eliza Cook

Roused by the lash of his own stubborn tail, Our lion now will foreign foes assail.
John Dryden

Britannia needs no bulwarks No towers along the steep; Her march is o'er the mountain wave, Her home is on the deep.
Thomas Campbell

The men of England--the men, I mean of light and leading in England.
Edmund Burke

Oh, to be in England, Now that April's there, And whoever wakes in England Sees some morning, unaware, That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf, Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough In England--now.
Robert Browning

A certain man has called us, "of all peoples the wisest in action," but he added, "the stupidest in speech."
Thomas Carlyle

Without one friend, above all foes, Britannia gives the world repose.
William Cowper

Where are the rough brave Britons to be found With Hearts of Oak, so much of old renowned?
Mrs. Susannah Centlivre

Let Pitt then boast of his victory to his nation of shopkeepers--(Nation Boutiquiere).
Bertrand Barere

The English have no respect for their language, and will not teach their children to speak it.
George Bernard Shaw

England is a paradise for women, and hell for horses: Italy is a paradise for horses, hell for women.
Robert Burton

England and America are two countries separated by a common language.
George Bernard Shaw

England! my country, great and free! Heart of the world, I leap to thee!
Philip James Bailey

In these troublesome days when the great Mother Empire stands splendidly isolated in Europe.
Hon. Sir George Eulas Foster

We don't bother much about dress and manners in England, because as a nation we don't dress well and we've no manners.
George Bernard Shaw

We are indeed a nation of shopkeepers.
Benjamin Disraeli

This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time.
Aneurin Bevan

We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language.
Oscar Wilde

Those pigmy tribes of Panton street, Those hardy blades, those hearts of oak, Obedient to a tyrant's yoke.
Unattributed Author

In England three are sixty different religions, and only one sauce.
Thomas Campbell