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Health quotes and quotations

As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.
Adelle Davis

Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other.
Joseph Addison

Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.
Albert Schweitzer

Health is not valued till sickness comes.
Dr. Thomas Fuller

Why should (need) a man die who has sage in his garden?
Author Unknown

When health, affrighted, spreads her rosy wing, And flies with every changing gale of spring.
Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron)

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.
Albert Schweitzer

In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.
Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

Of all the garden herbes none is of greater vertue than sage.
Thomas Cogan (1)

Nor love, not honour, wealth nor pow'r, Can give the heart a cheerful hour When health is lost. Be timely wise; With health all taste of pleasure flies.
John Gay

Be not slow to visit the sick.

Preserving health by too severe a rule is a worrisome malady.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

It is amazing how much crisper the general experience of life becomes when your body is given a chance to develop a little strength.
Frank Duff

What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease.
George Dennison Prentice

Our prayers should be for a sound mind in a healthy body.
Juvenal (Decimus Junius Juvenal)

Preserving the health by too strict a regimen is a worrisome malady.
Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

Health consists with Temperance alone.
Alexander Pope

Health is not simply the absence of sickness.
Hannah Green

A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.

Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, a blessing money can't buy.
Izaak Walton

Attention to health is life greatest hindrance.
Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

You can either hold yourself up to the unrealistic standards of others, or ignore them and concentrate on being happy with yourself as you are.
J. Jacques

Health that snuffs the morning air.
James Grainger

A coole mouth, and warme feet, live long.
George Herbert

It is part of the cure to wish to be cured.
Alexander Pope

Give a man health and a course to steer, and he'll never stop to trouble about whether he's happy or not.
William Shakespeare

Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings.
Syrus (Publilius Syrus)

He that goes to bed thirsty rises healthy.
George Herbert

It's no longer a question of staying healthy. It's a question of finding a sickness you like.
Jackie Mason

If you trust Google more than your doctor then maybe it's time to switch doctors.
Jadelr and Cristina Cordova

Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means you've met your New Year's resolution.
Jay Leno

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.
Mark Twain

Ah! what avail the largest gifts of Heaven, When drooping health and spirits go amiss? How tasteless then whatever can be given! Health is the vital principle of bliss, And exercise of health.
James Thomson (1)

May be he is not well. Infirmity doth neglect all office Whereto our health is bound.
William Shakespeare

He who overlooks a healthy spot for the site of his house is mad and ought to be handed over to the care of his relations and friends.
Marcus Terentius Varro

Health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of: a blessing that money cannot buy.
Izaak Walton

Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God, and value it next to a good conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; a blessing that money cannot buy.
Izaak Walton

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Benjamin Franklin

Gold that buys health can never be ill spent, Nor hours laid out in harmless merriment.
John Webster

Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way.
Oprah Winfrey

The more severe the pain or illness, the more severe will be the necessary changes. These may involve breaking bad habits, or acquiring some new and better ones.
Peter McWilliam

Health consists of having the same diseases as one's neighbors.
Quentin Crisp

One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.
Rabbi Harold Kushner

A cheerful heart is good medicine.

A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time -- pills or stairs.
Joan Welsh

To be or not to be isn't the question. The question is how to prolong being.
Tom Robbins

God heals, and the doctor takes the fee.
Benjamin Franklin

Cheerfulness, sir, is the principle ingredient in the composition of health.
Arthur Murphy

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.
Redd Foxx

The poor cows froze neglected in a blizzard They dug them up and ate their gizzards.
O Anna Niemus

I never eat anything white.. white flour, white milk, white cream, eggwhites, white sugar, white potatoes etc.
Bob Cummings

I had a quintuple bypass in May. It was not Mad Cows but sane cows in my arteries.
Author Unknown

Make your own recovery the first priority in your life.
Robin Norwood

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything.
Thich Nhat Hanh

A Hospital is no place to be sick.
Samuel Goldwyn

Beauty isn't something on the outside. It's your insides that count! You gotta eat green stuff to make sure you're pretty on the inside.
Takayuki Ikkaku

I'm stopped. I'll never eat another burger She was sued by Amarillo cattle ranchers for saying: I'm stopped. I'll never eat another burger and she won.
Oprah Winfrey

Quit worrying about your health. It'll go away.
Robert Orben

Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Health is worth more than learning.
Thomas Jefferson

Eating everything you want is not that much fun. When you live a life with no boundaries, there’s less joy. If you can eat anything you want to, what’s the fun in eating anything you want to?
Tom Hanks

What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease.
George Dennison Prentice

Mad Cows and Mad Pigs and Mad Fish say it is not 'you are what you eat' but that we become whom we eat.
O Anna Niemus

The building of a perfect body crowned by a perfect brain, is at once the greatest earthly problem and grandest hope of the race.
Dio Lewis

To wish to be well is a part of becoming well.

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

I don't want to live in a world where I have to eat sugar-free sugar cookies.
Takayuki Ikkaku

Never hurry. Take plenty of exercise. Always be cheerful. Take all the sleep you need. You may expect to be well.
James Freeman Clarke

You can't kill a prion. Longest on air personality in US about the molecules of Mad Cow.
Howie Chizek

He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit. Wm Shakespeare in Twelfth Night.
Wm Shakespeare

To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.
Richard Baker

Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.
Dr.Karl Menninger.

It is better to lose health like a spendthrift than to waste it like a miser.
Robert Louis Stevenson

To become a thoroughly good man is the best prescription for keeping a sound mind and a sound body.
Francis Bowen

Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it.
William Temple

The healthy, the strong individual, is the one who asks for help when he needs it. Whether he has an abscess on his knee or in his soul.
Rona Barrett

To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I've done it a thousand times.
Mark Twain